Makgeolli is a traditional Korean alcoholic beverage made with rice, yeast, and water. The ingredients go through a fermentation process to produce a creamy, slightly sweet/sour drink. Made with premium white rice, the Rice Wine Kits come in 2 flavours.

The Original Rice Wine Kits come in 2.5L or 5.0L kit. The alcohol is sweet and creamy, much like nigori sake, but it is slightly sour like Greek yogurt.

The Sweet Rice Wine Kits come in 3.0L or 6.0L kit. The alcohol is smoother than the Original and slightly sweeter.

The alcohol content can range between 6~15% depending on the amount of water added. It’s made with all natural ingredients and has numerous health benefits as an unfiltered, fermented drink.

-Lower Calorie & Good for Dieting (High level of Lactic Acid & Probiotics)

-Over 500 times the level of healthy bacteria (Lactobacillus bacteria) than yogurt

-Skin Improvement (Vitamin B1, B2, B6)


1) 막걸리 용량 이상의 용기를 끓는 물로 깨끗하게 소독합니다(철, 구리, 알루미늄 재질 제외).
[Sterilize a jar or a pot which can hold more than the package. (Do not use steel, copper or aluminum).]

2) 정수된 상온의 물 (아래 참고) 리터를 붓고 동봉한 누룩과 쌀 혼합물을 용기에 넣은 후 1분 정도 저어줍니다.
[Pour the right amount of filtered water (room temperature) and pour out the bag. Then, stir it for 1 minute.] 2.5L package = pour 2L of water 5L package = pour 4L of water 3L package = pour 2.5L of water 6L package = pour 5L of water

3) 처음 1~2일 동안은 쌀이 물을 흡수하여 부풀어 오르게 되며, 그 후 막걸리가 생성되기 시작하면, 쌀이 잘 흩어지도록 1분 정도, 하루에 2회 이상 뒤적이면서 저어줍니다.
[After the water is poured, for the first two days, the grain will absorb water, expand, and produce rice wine. Stir the rice wine thoroughly for one minute, two times a day.]

4) 온도에 따라, 5~7일 후에 가스발생이 멈추면, 체에 걸러서 막걸리를 받아냅니다. 이때 취향에 따라 1리터 이상의 물을 첨가하여 막걸리에 농도를 조절합니다.
[Depending on temperature, fermentation will stop in 5~7days - the rice wine will stop producing bubbles- use sifter, or cheesecloth to filter the rice wine -Remove “Rice” and “Enzyme”. Depending on your preference, add more than 1L to adjust the concentration of rice wine.]

5) 냉장 보관하여 7~8°C에서 마시면 가장 맛이 좋으며, 냉장보관 시에도 탄산가스가 배출될 수 있도록 뚜껑을 꽉 닫지 않습니다. 취향에 따라 술을 빚기 전이나 빚은 다음 감미료(설탕은 사용 금지)를 넣으셔도 됩니다.
[Best served at 7~8°C. Depending on your preference, add sweetener (No sugar) before or after fermentation. In refrigerator keep the lid slightly open to release the gas.]


Original Rice Wine Kit (2.5 or 5L)
Sweet Rice Wine Kit (3 or 6L)