Roasted Black Beans & Dates

High in protein with no added sugar or preservatives.

The taste is nutty and sweet while the texture is both crunchy and savory.

Rice Cracker or "Korean Rice Cake"

Popular Korean rice puff cake.

Has a nice crunch accompanied with a rich slighly sweet flavour. Great for dipping in sauce!

Bean Powder

Below are some tips and tricks on using your HJD Bean Powder in the kitchen.

1) Pureed Soybean and Kimchi Stew:

Stir-fry pork with kimchi in frying pan, then boil with water.

When cooked, put soya bean powder and simmer for 5 minutes.

2) Jeon / Korean Pancake:

Add soya bean powder to Korean Pancake dough when making the mix.

3) Soybean Paste

Adding soya bean powder to soybean paste give more flavour and reduces your sodium consumption

4) Juk/ Congee/ Porridge

When cooking congee, add soya bean powder last.

5) Drinks

Mix soya bean powder with hot/ cold water or milk

6) Pastry/ Baked goods

Add soya bean powder when making the dough